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Create a song that will touch people's heart - is art. Create a song that will bring the hope, a song that will help someone to raise his head and smile again - is magic. Even if music can't change the world ... it can change people who will change the world.


But music business is not so superb as it may seems. Reality is cruel. Musicians faces with a lot of troubles. Especially the young ones. And many talented people, many beautiful songs stays unheard. Who knows, what kind of world we could create if music could remain art and not become a business. 


DREYMAN project was created to support and inspire young musicians. Inspire them to sing the song that sounds deep inside of their hearts. Magazine is the first part of this project. Here you won't find a thousands of pictures and songs. You won't find album reviews and sales numbes.


DREYMAN magazine is a collection of exclusive inspiring interviews of different musicians from all over the world. What they feel on stage in front of hundred and thousands of people who sing along with them? What helps them to move forward even when the whole world stands against? What makes them the only ones who able to inspire millions?


The second part of this project is unique Charitable Foundation. A guiding light for those who struggling for their dreams. The hope for those who get lost on their way. All the details about Foundation you'll know when time will come. Just remember: you are not alone in this fight. Never give up. Fear nothing ... be a God.

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