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"It's the time to wake up and make the dream come true. I'm still on my way too. Let's make it happen!"


"I really appreciate Dreyman magazine. There are many people who need to be inspired and feel better about themselves. Thank you for your good work".

Mike Lepond

"I wish there would be more magazines like this one, that care about the real feelings of the musicians, and not only about album reviews and sales numbers. This is definitely one of the best interviews I had the privilege to do!"

Gabriel Bernasconi

"Everyone needs some guidance from time to time. Live your dreams, play it live, play it loud!"

Bob Catley

"I really like the idea of your own magazine and I like the way you ask lightly different questions than in other interviews. Of course it’s important to inspire people. Every single day. So if this is one of your ideas for a new magazine. Keep it up – I’m looking forward to see more of this!"

Oliver Hartmann

"It’s always more interesting to see another face of a musician, that to read another boring interview with the same questions!"

Mat Sinner

"It’s an awesome magazine! I have always been more interested in read real life-style interviews. It's really an honor for me to be in it. :) Thanks for the great questions Ksenia!"

Elize Ryd

"I think that it is an honest and Noble effort on your part to try to do something inspiring for your fellow creatures! We all need a kind, encouraging word now and again, and a forum where people can read about the struggles of others and learn a bit about how they may have overcome. I say Cheers & Hats Off To You and DREYMAN Magazine!"

David DeFeis

"It's a very nice idea, ´cause our dreams can be true inspiration to other people... So, I wish for this project always the best, inspiring people and new dreams to come."


"Its always great to inspire people. Everyone need inspiration and models in life.

Pär Sundström

"The idea is good, and I would definitely have needed some guidance as a young musician."

Oliver Palotai

"I really enjoyed answering your questions. They’re absolutely unconventional for a musician and believe me, it’s fresh air when you have to make dozens of interviews where they all basically ask the same things."


DREYMAN is a great idea and I’m sure that people will find great articles to read and getting inspired by!

Luca Princiotta

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